Additive Voronoi Cursor

Additive Voronoi Cursor: Dynamic Effective Areas using Additively Weighted Voronoi Diagrams

We present Additive Voronoi Cursor (AVC) – a new target-selection technique with dynamically resizing the area cursor based on the analysis of two different phases of mouse movement: the ballistic and the correction phases during target selection. On-screen Targets can be divided into respective area dynamically based on both target distribution and cursor velocity. We assume that to select a target, user first performs ballistic/fast cursor movement aiming to the target roughly, then correct the cursor position with slower movement towards the desired target. Therefore, after the ballistic movement, the desired target should locate within local region near to the cursor. We define Additive Weighted Voronoi Diagrams with selectable targets by assigning larger weights to nearby targets right after the cursor movement entering the correction phase, thus the effective areas of nearly targets are enlarged and can be selected easier and faster. We had compared our cursor technique with recent developed area-cursor methods. The results showed that our method performs significantly better on certain configurations.

Authors: Jacky Cheung, Oscar Au, and Kening Zhu