Bezel-initiated Gestures

BezelCursor: Bezel-initiated cursor for one-handed target acquisition on mobile touch screens

Exploring the design space of bezel-initiated gestures for mobile interaction

We present BezelCursor, a novel one-handed thumb interaction technique for target acquisition on mobile touch screens of various sizes. Our technique combines bezel-initiated interaction and pointing gesture to solve the problem of limited screen accessibility afforded by the thumb. With a fixed, comfortable grip of a mobile touch device, a user may employ our tool to easily and quickly access a target located anywhere on the screen, using a single fluid action. Unlike the existing technologies, our technique requires no explicit mode switching to invoke and can be smoothly used together with commonly adopted interaction styles such as direct touch and dragging. Our user study shows that BezelCursor requires less grip adjustment, and is more accurate or faster than the state-of-the-art techniques when using a fixed secure grip.

Authors: Li, Wing Ho Andy, Kening Zhu and Hongbo Fu