Embodied Weather

Embodied Weather: Promoting Public Understanding of Extreme Weather Through Immersive Multi-Sensory Virtual Reality

We present Embodied Weather, a multi-sensory Virtual-Reality (VR) installation, for promoting the Hong Kong public's understanding of typhoon, a common type of extreme weather in Hong Kong. The experience depicted in Embodied Weather is inspired by the actual stories and news of Hong Kong citizens and tourists who are keen to “chase” strong typhoon and often get hurt by the extreme weather. The aim is to educate the general public about the cause and the danger of typhoon, and promote everyday low-carbon behavior. Embodied Weather used visual feedback, audio feedback, and tactile feedback (wind and rain) to simulate the experience of typhoon in Hong Kong. In addition, we also developed an interactive home environment to prob users’ usage of energy in their daily life. According to the different usage of energy, the system predicts and simulates future weather through visual, audio and tactile sensation.

Authors: Pingchuan Ke, Kai-Ning Keng, Shanshan Jiang, Shaoyu Cai, Zhiyi Rong, and Kening Zhu.