Smart Jewellery

"This is a techno-necklace from my great grandmother": Animism-Inspired Design Guidelines for Digitally Ensouled Jewellery

Digital Humanities and Techno-Animism in Wearables: A Case-Study-Based Collaborative Design Framework for Digitally-Ensouled Jewellery

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Technology-enhanced jewelleries capable of collecting bio-data are rapidly establishing a presence in the market. Yet there is limited focus on applying core values of traditional jewellery in the making process. In this research, we were inspired by the theory of animism, and investigated the concepts of techno-animism and digital ensoulment of jewellery. By going back to the roots of jewellery design, we investigate the cultural and social importance of the jewellery components and making techniques and propose a set of guidelines that consider data collection as a fundamental component of the creation process. Our findings are based on two research based jewellery-making workshops, along with a technology review and our guidelines aim to provide a set of accessible and actionable suggestions for the design of future technology-enhanced jewellery.

Authors: Doros Polydorou, Kening Zhu, Karkotis A., Illner, A., De Main, N.